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5 Sweet B Corps in the US for Valentine’s Day

5 Sweet B Corps celebrated Valentine's Day in the United States

This Valentine's Day, we have challenged everyone...

B Be nice to yourself!

No, this is not a typo. "B" stands for Benefit, just like in a certified B company. As a certified B company, we are working hard to create a better future for mankind and the planet. This is our greatest badge of honor. We not only set strict standards for environmental performance, but also set strict standards for social indicators. We give back to the communities where we live and work.

No matter how you participate in Valentine's Day, we will challenge you to do something beneficial to yourself, and in turn, do things for everyone else, by transferring your consumer power to support those who are striving for greater social responsibility .

The following are 5 B Corps in the United States, they will help you "B" treat yourself well and at the same time make the world a better place.

Ben Jerry

More than 30 years ago, this creative and delicious ice cream maker became "one of the first companies in the world whose social mission is as important as its product and economic mission." You can see that this mission is working through their support to local farmers (the dairy products used to create various flavors come from hundreds of different farmers) and their dedication to sustainable development. It doesn't stop there.

Ben & Jerry's really spent money on their combination. They do this by issuing an annual SEAR report (Social and Environmental Assessment Report). This report is conducted by a third party and provides up-to-date information on Ben & Jerry's priorities, allowing consumers to understand the actions and intentions of the companies they support.

So on this Valentine's Day, give yourself a bowl or two of good things and let B Corp (and ice cream master) Ben & Jerry's not only work hard to provide you with the perfect ice cream, but also work hard to provide you with a pint full of social responsibility. What's not to like?

French chocolate

French Broad Chocolates in Asheville, North Carolina proves that chocolate can express love. This unique and secular chocolate maker was born when owners Dan and Jael Rattigan looked at an abandoned cocoa plantation in Costa Rica and they saw the potential of great things.

Since their island era, these "self-styled chocolate missionaries" have satisfied American sugar lovers and exciting chocolate lovers with their creative inventory made from organic and local ingredients.

Once you step into one of their lounges or boutiques, you will most likely find something to stimulate your taste buds and romanticize your sweets. Their wide range of candies and caramels, French chocolate bars, sinful chocolate cakes, liquid truffles, etc. are all perfectly paired with fine wines and craft beers.

If all this is not enough, French Broad Chocolates has a "commitment to social and environmental ethics, transparency and accountability", which is reflected in their commitment to improving chocolate bars.

How did they do it? According to Rattigans, French Broad Chocolate has long been “committed to responsible and sustainable business practices, from sourcing cocoa directly from farmers in Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, to cocoa with producers in western North Carolina. Cooperate with farmers to purchase raw materials, use environmentally friendly packaging materials, compost all food waste, and pay fair wages to employees."

If you drool but don't live in Asheville, don't worry, this bean-based B Corp is happy to ship their work to you!

Jenny's delicious ice cream

What if there is an ice cream that can bring people together, maintain high social standards, strive to achieve excellent environmental management, and maintain full accountability and transparency in the process? Oh, what if that ice cream is also very delicious? Don't worry; these are not some non-existent rom-com miracles-this is Jeni's!

Since 2013, Jeni's ice cream and dedication to social responsibility have been beyond the scope of responsibility. They have been doing this, while staying true to their belief that you can "grow the business as a community of people, subtly paying attention to details and customer experience, while constantly getting better."

When it comes to their ice cream, the word perfect seems most appropriate. Unlike other ice creams, Jeni's insists on simple ingredients that help keep the texture smooth and taste authentic. Jeni's put their hearts on their sleeves, so you will never see synthetic fragrances, ready-made mixtures or dyes in their pints. They are also proud that their labels do not contain common stabilizers and emulsifiers.

In Jeni's, you can taste the products you buy, from their darkest chocolate and fire-roasted salted caramel to their fritters and best-selling Brambleberry Crisp.

Gift ideas: For serious ice cream lovers, give gifts that continue to be given to Jeni’s Pint Club.


For those who think Valentine's Day is a little crazy, we would like to introduce you to a company called NuttZo, which has started many great love stories-a food processor, a girl, and a lot of trial and error.

Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi's NuttZo story begins with her sons and her desire to provide them with healthy foods that they can actually eat. This challenge spurred experiments with nuts and seeds, which eventually brought her out of the current world of peanut and almond butter. Her drive to spread love healthier gave birth to a delicious seven kinds of nut and seed paste, which not only contains more vitamins and minerals, but will eventually develop into one of the "most innovative brands in the natural food movement" one.

NuttZo's commitment to children doesn't stop there. Although nuts and seeds make up NuttZo's beloved products, they are not the beating core of the organization-they belong to Project Left behind.As the main financial support of this non-profit organization, focusing on orphans and neglected children around the world, NuttZo helps keep 100% of the donations mission-centric, supports vetted and personally visited small children’s homes, and arranges travel to improve Recognize and understand the needs and goals of the orphanage, and provide donors with unique options and support opportunities.

If you have not tried these different spreads, snack bars or nut packs, we encourage you to help spread love by finding a supplier near you.

Rescue Chocolate

This Valentine's Day, consider doing something for yourself that is good for adoptable animals.

First, let's talk about animals. I first saw Mocha, a beautiful brown-eyed bulldog on, and quickly became a nationwide chocolate support system for thousands of animal friends. This B Corp has set the standard ridiculously high by donating 100% of its net profit to animal rescue organizations across the country.

Now let's talk about this chocolate! Rescue Chocolate is 100% vegan. It is a fair-trade product, organic, handmade from Belgium's traditional high-quality raw materials, and does not contain artificial preservatives. Now, Rescue Chocolate is collaborating with French pastry chef and Jean Francois Bonnet of Tumbador Chocolate Factory to create a unique chocolate flavor that perfectly matches the wonderful cause.

Editor's note "The references to companies/companies in this article do not imply that Rubicon communicates the affiliation or endorsement of these companies in any way."

Read more about what it means for Rubicon to become a certified B company here!

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