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7 Common Waste Myths, Debunked

7 common waste myths,

has been debunked. If you are like me, you may have realized many misunderstandings about garbage and recycling. The fact is that it is difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Therefore, I want to clarify the record by addressing some common waste myths and misunderstandings that occupy the precious space between your ears and provide you with the true truth behind them.

Of course, when I started this article, I didn't know what the following items are facts and what are fictions. Maybe neither will you. But I think this is the point.

We should know these things. Instead of assuming that we know that waste is right or wrong, let us find out the truth from the garbage once and for all.

Misunderstanding: Garbage collection is a practical tool

Truth: Utilities show that you have no choice, but in fact, who you manage your waste with can play an important role.

Don't be trapped by existing waste providers. You can choose a partner to develop a customized waste plan and competitive prices to benefit your business.

Misunderstanding: The landfill solves all our garbage problems

The truth: Unfortunately, current waste management methods are flawed. Landfills cannot solve our waste management problems because they ignore the cost of waste and ultimately miss the opportunity to protect resources.

For many reasons, landfills are not the ideal solution, but perhaps the most worrying is that they pollute the ground, water and soil. Sending waste to landfills also requires a lot of heavy transportation, which further increases pollution costs.

Misunderstanding: Sustainability plans only apply to large companies

Truth: A common misconception is that you need a dedicated sustainability team, hundreds of locations, and resources dedicated to training and education to run waste reduction programs. By optimizing waste treatment, even small businesses can adopt recycling programs that are easy to implement and cost-effective.

Misunderstanding: The price increase of garbage removal is inevitable

Truth: Because so many garbage companies charge hidden fees without explanation, companies usually think that garbage and recycling prices can only go up.

Gee, tut.

It is certainly possible to find a waste partner that provides transparency. Our advice is to find a supplier that can optimize transportation routes and pickups so that you can ultimately reduce these wastes.

Misunderstanding: Multiple locations mean processing many suppliers and contracts

Truth: Don't waste time trying to manage the garbage and recycling of every location and every type of garbage. It is possible to consolidate your bills, and only work with one waste partner to handle all this.

Misunderstanding: One cannot change

Truth: A person’s power is real, especially when it comes to recycling. A good example can be found in the sentence below.

Recycling only one aluminum material can save enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours!

It's amazing to think about the possibility of existence, especially when you consider the positive impact that can be made when only one person actively takes action to achieve sustainability.

On the other hand, if one spreads a concept that one cannot change, they will also have a considerable negative impact. Recycling will only be successful if each of us recycles on a personal level.

Misunderstanding: Biodegradable waste is environmentally friendly

Truth: Many people believe that biodegradable waste is harmless to the environment. Some people also think that it does not need to be recycled because it will naturally decompose in the landfill.


Biodegradable waste releases greenhouse gases in the form of methane and carbon dioxide. When these greenhouse gases leak into our atmosphere, they can cause damage to the environment-leading to common problems such as global warming.

To this day, the operating philosophy of most landfills is that methane can be used and used for energy. However, particularly biodegradable wastes decompose too quickly to capture methane for energy purposes. In addition, according to Emily Main of Rodale News, biodegradable plastics emit the most methane in the average landfill.

Now that you know the truth about trash, are you ready to join our trash revolution? We work with small (and large) companies across the United States to integrate waste billing, cut various costs, and implement a truly effective recycling program.

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