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Paris Ivry incinerator opposed in shadow of COP21

Against the Paris Ivry incinerator in the shadow of COP21

On Wednesday, December 9, members of GAIA (Global Incineration Alternatives Alliance), Collectif 3R, Zero Waste France, and Zero Waste Europe gathered outside the Ivry incinerator in Paris to show their opposition to the project’s reconstruction proposal. Carrying a huge inflatable lung, a "red line" was drawn on the Victor Hugo Bridge in Ivry, Paris.

Syctom, the agency responsible for waste management in Paris, has proposed a 2 billion euro incinerator reconstruction plan, which will put the city of Paris into a 23-year waste incineration contract, effectively setting obstacles to zero-waste solutions, such as waste reduction and Paris The recovery rate is significantly improved.

Mariel Vilella, Deputy Director of Zero Waste Europe and an advocate for climate policy, said: “The latest climate report of Zero Waste in Europe shows that incineration will lead to climate change rather than prevent it. In addition, redevelopment of the Ivry incinerator with such a long contract is essential for creating the future. This is a challenge for the zero waste solution required."

Syctom's reconstruction plan was challenged by Collectif 3R and Zero Waste France in their "Plan B’OM", which explains how to move towards a zero waste future at a much lower cost of only 200 million euros.

Anne Connan from Collectif 3R said: "This action was only two days after GAIA members publicly challenged Syctom officials on the issue of "green washing" in the incineration industry at the COP21 side event held in Le Bourget, Paris. We need a real alternative to incineration. Products to promote recycling, reuse and waste reduction", you can read more about this action in the blog posted during the COP21 climate summit.

The challenge of promoting bioplastics developed by carbon capture systems caused a large part of the audience to withdraw from the event.

The case of the Ivry incinerator in Paris was recently introduced in the European Zero Waste Report "Air Pollution Caused by Waste Disposal Incineration: Not Used for Public Breathing", which identified 5 cases of polluting incinerators across Europe, all of which were faced with Active opposition.

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