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All that Glitters……..!

All the flashes........!

If you have a child in your family, then you will know everything about flash. Children love it, and the crafting activities would be different if there is no sparkle. There is no doubt that you will also learn about cleanup issues after the above activities! It will stick to everything-your skin, hair, clothes, and you will find it in a few weeks!

But this is only the beginning of the problem. Remember the problem of microbeads in cosmetics? Well, this is the same problem, the glitter is made of small plastic pieces glued with aluminum to make it sparkle. Of course, it cannot be recycled, so it will eventually be landfilled, where it may be washed away by rain, or washed into the sewer, where it may enter the food chain!

This problem basically includes any product that uses glitter, that is, greeting cards, makeup or hair spray, nail polish, glitter glue, and even children's glittery dress up clothes, all of which pose a potential threat to the environment and wildlife.

good news!

But if there are no sparkling things, what will children's games be like? Fortunately, there are now biodegradable glitter made from certified compostable films that meet European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) standards.

The ecological flash is made of cellulose film, mainly derived from sustainable sources of eucalyptus in the FSC plantation, and is designed to be decomposed in the sewage system.

So please advertise to your local nursery and elementary school, parents, grandparents, or anyone who might be interested!

You can buy biodegradable glitter and related products at the following websites:

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