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Are you ready for summer?

It is summer! For many Europeans, this means spending long days by the sea, hiking in the mountains, bonfire games, city sightseeing or enjoying holidays. But no matter what your summer plan is, when you start your next adventure, be sure to explore, not take advantage!

As the summer vacation approaches, we are busy planning trips, buying tickets or packing luggage, but how can we make the most of the vacation and stay excited and wasteful while relaxing?

To welcome the holiday, we have compiled 5 kinds of takeaways to make your summer more environmentally friendly and zero waste!

1. The key to reducing waste when traveling is to have your own personal belongings so that you don't need disposable items. Put the zero waste travel kit with reusable items (such as straws, napkins, cutlery, containers)... and remember to put everything in a backpack or your favorite reusable bag!

2. When going out on a hot summer day, water is one of the most important things, so don't forget to bring a refillable bottle. Especially when traveling by plane, the use of plastic bottles seems inevitable, because you are not allowed to fetch water from the boarding gate, but this is not the case! You can actually bring your own reusable empty bottle and fill it up before taking off. In this way, you can take the reusable bottle to your next trip without using unnecessary plastic.

3. Purchase local and organic food. As described in the Global Footprint Network’s new ecotourism package, by dining locally, you can improve every meal and reduce your delicious footprint by 5%. This can really add up during the trip!

4. Look for small-scale, family-run and traditional housing that is well integrated with the local community. According to a recent evaluation of ecotourism packages, although large chain hotels are usually very efficient, small hotels will reduce their cumulative footprint by nearly 48%.

5. Leave only footprints! Before you leave the beach, campground, or rest stop, remember to take a few minutes to pick up all the items you have used and all the trash you produce. Last but not least, don’t forget to recycle everything that can be recycled properly. It's easy to find excuses for not disposing of waste in the right way, but as our case study proves, zero waste practices also play a role in tourist sites.

Although a completely zero waste holiday seems difficult to achieve, every little action is important! There is no better opportunity to remember our motto: "Zero waste is a journey, not a destination!"

The Zero Waste Europe team sincerely wishes you a pleasant and relaxing holiday!

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