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Best SMB in America: OKRA Charity Saloon (Houston, TX)

Best SME in America: OKRA Charity Saloon (Houston, Texas)

OKRA Charity Salon is located in an old building from the Prohibition period in downtown Houston and has become the city's favorite place to cheer for charity.

Visiting customers buy drinks from the spacious large bar and get tickets to vote. Then put the ballots into the ballot box representing the four local charities. At the end of the month, the charity with the most votes will receive all of the bar’s proceeds for the next month. This process is repeated throughout the year in rotating charities. Since opening in 2013, nearly $1 million has been donated to local organizations in need!

Since there is no limit to the number of votes/buy drinks, the brains behind OKRA quickly realized that they needed a rich drink menu to meet the needs of voting.

The salon has a large selection of craft cans, bottles and local draft beer. In addition to beer, the friendly and knowledgeable faces at the back of the bar will help you make signature cocktails with a long list of alcohol and additives. Drinks are the driving force behind OKRA's popularity, but what really fills the ballot box is the unique and well-curated bar snack menu.

Although the menu is limited compared to other bars in the area, the food pairing at OKRA Charity Saloon is carefully crafted.

Homemade waffle fries are several paninis made in-house, which is a perfect match. In fact, French fries have three finger-licking flavors: Parmesan and rosemary, cajun spice, and salt and pepper.

In addition to fried potatoes, if they don't use the fried okra of the same name, Sharon will be negligent! The batter is light and fluffy, which matches perfectly with various dipping sauces. OKRA also offers hot chocolate cookies and cold milk, reminiscent of all the nostalgic feelings of childhood.

The 3,400 square feet of space where OKRA is located is perfect for dance floors and internal DJs-playing everyone's favorite pop music from the 90s and early 2000s, as well as any music currently floating on the airwaves.

Pool tables and a wide variety of board games are also available for all non-dancers. There really is something for everyone!

Aside from fun and games, OKRA's core charity mission is indeed worth celebrating. We chose to highlight this small business because it has a great impact on the surrounding communities. Emphasize that local organizations and neighbors help neighbors perfectly fit Rubicon's mission. Tribute to the OKRA team that supports one of the most innovative and unique small businesses. You definitely put the fun back into fundraising!

Editor's note: References to companies/companies in this article do not imply that Rubicon endorses these companies in any way.

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