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Blogs have replaced grandmothers. What does this have to do with food waste?

The zero waste strategy is a way to create green jobs and infrastructure. This needs to be on the agenda of the G20

How often do you check your grandmother and how often do you read the blog? just kidding. But this title makes sense. This has nothing to do with how often you see your grandmother, but the truth is that more and more young people turn to blogs instead of their families when they want to learn more about cooking, preserving fruits and vegetables or general household skills.

At the end of this article, I have a trick on how to connect two worlds (grandmother and blog).

Blogs play an important role in #reducefoodwaste

By sharing cooking tips and encouraging people to use what they have, bloggers help reduce food waste in the family. This is not just about cooking skills: many different blogs do not focus on cooking and raise awareness of food waste, for example by writing about start-ups that reduce food waste.

STREFOWA pays tribute to the important work of bloggers #reducefoodwaste

STREFOWA is an EU-funded China-Europe project aimed at identifying strategies to reduce and manage food waste. It is presenting the best European blog posts that help reduce food waste.

Have you written an article to help reduce food waste? Do you know a great blog post? If yes, please submit your nomination!

What can be submitted?

Articles can be submitted in all European languages ​​with an English abstract. The deadline for submission is October 31, 2017. No matter how old or new the article is (as long as it is published in time). In November, all accepted entries will be voted online by the public and supplemented by an expert jury

2017 #reducefoodwaste blogger award schedule

Submission time: 1.9 – 31.10.2017

Online voting time: 10.11 – 26.11.2017

Winners announced: 30.11.2017

The 3 winners will be invited as experts to participate in the International Blog Conference held in Vienna on December 15, 2017 (travel expenses are at their own expense).

One final tip to reconnect with grandmother!

My grandmother is a great cook. On many Sundays in my life, I will spend wonderful typical Austrian dishes at her house. Now she is almost 85 years old, and the workload of cooking for the whole family is too much. She sometimes takes us to restaurants, which are expensive and different. While writing this article, I thought of a cool idea. What if I go to her next weekend and cook under her guidance? I hope she will agree! Do you want to learn about this new trend with me and ask the best chef in your family to teach you a dish? If you do, please write and submit your article by October 31st. I would love to read its progress!

To learn more about the #reducefoodwaste Blogger Award, please visit:


STREFOWA stands for strategies to reduce food waste and improve food waste management in Central Europe. In this China-Europe project, partners from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Poland will work hard to improve the prevention and management of food waste in Central Europe within three years, making our city a livable place for everyone. To this end, we will test strategies in 16 pilot actions in 8 urban areas, involving stakeholders and collecting existing knowledge. All of this will be provided through a web-based interactive tool that will help you make decisions and provide you with useful tips and strategies to reduce and manage food waste. These skills and strategies will be tailored to the needs of all stakeholders (consumers, retailers, farmers) throughout the value chain.

To learn more about STREFOWA, please visit:

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