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Cartridges 4 Charity

Cartridge 4 charity

Help fight malaria

Your used ink and toner cartridges can raise up to £2.75 each, and your mobile phone and unused ink cartridges can raise up to £50 for the Anti-Malaria Foundation.

They prevent the spread of malaria by distributing mosquito nets, thus saving lives.

Thank you for your generous donation, which has raised over £60,000 for our partner charities (past and present).

Since 2003, Cartridges4Charity has been helping consumers and businesses recycle used inkjet cartridges, empty laser cartridges, full cartridges and mobile phones to reduce your carbon footprint and help raise funds and increase visibility for effective charities.

And you don't have to pay for it-all our services are free and easy to use. Therefore, if we can reuse your items, we will provide you with a free mailing address, a collection or a local item delivery site. If we cannot accept your ink cartridges, we can point you in useful directions so that you can recycle them elsewhere.

Note: EPSON products cannot be recycled in most places, but Epson has its own recycling program: Epson Recycling

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