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Gearing up for Paris! Our calendar of zero waste activities

Cheer for Paris! Our zero waste event calendar

For the zero waste and climate justice organizations that will meet in Paris, December will be a very busy period.

In the context of the Paris COP21 climate negotiations held in the first few weeks of December, Zero Waste Europe, in cooperation with Zero Waste France, GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) and many other organizations, launched a series of exciting activities to promote a zero waste climate Solution and challenge climate financing for dirty energy in landfills and incinerators.

Paris will have the opportunity to meet with community zero-waste leaders, visionary zero-waste entrepreneurs, front-line affected communities and front-line researchers. They will demonstrate and highlight the links between municipal solid waste (MSW) management and climate change, including A comprehensive introduction to our recently released report "The Potential Contribution of Waste Management to the Low-Carbon Economy".

Below is a brief overview of some of the key zero waste and climate events that occurred in late November and early December. Please click on the link to get more information about each event.

International Conference on the Critical Struggle for Cement Kiln Waste Incineration and Zero Waste-Barcelona and Montcada i Reixach, Spain, November 27-29

Waste incineration in cement kilns is praised by the industry as a solution to climate change. This conference will discuss how to completely resolve this proposition and establish connections between community movements and groups working on this issue around the world.

The conference hosted by a local organization will provide a forum for groups from many different countries to share experiences and lessons in organization and campaigns, and discuss the potential of the global cement kiln waste incineration campaign.

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Global Climate March-Paris, November 29 (Republic at 12pm)

The march took place the day before the arrival of world leaders and negotiators in Paris. It was designed to put pressure on the negotiations and demand an effective collective response to the climate crisis.

The global climate parade in Paris will have a "zero waste section." The parade will pay special attention to solidarity with the local anti-incinerator organization Collectif 3R and Zero Waste France, which have long opposed the Ivry incinerator

At the same time as the Paris parade, parades will be held around the world to encourage supporters of climate justice who are not in Paris on the 29th to participate in the parade wherever they are.

GAIA Global Conference-Paris, November 30 to December 2

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the GAIA (Global Incinerator Alternatives Alliance) network, this event will bring together the most active members of the Paris GAIA network, reflect on the history of the network and look forward to the future, in terms of strategy, projects, activities and structure.

This meeting hopes to deepen and strengthen the relationship between GAIA members to create a more effective and dynamic network in which members can effectively work across borders to achieve zero waste solutions.

Conference: Zero Waste: A Key Solution Path for a Low-Carbon Future-Paris, December 3 (08.30 – 19.30)

Zero Waste France will host a large conference to emphasize "zero waste" as a climate solution. The event will debunk the truth about incineration as a climate and renewable energy solution, and strive to increase the visibility of existing successful models. Participants include zero waste experts, government officials, European NGOs, representatives of the Global South Zero Waste Project, and GAIA members. The event will be held at the Ecole Nationale Amphithéatre Jean Jaurès in Paris.

Read the full program on our event page.

COP 21 – Events in the UNFCCC Negotiation Space

Side event: Waste sector strategy for a low-carbon economy: Innovative experience in the global south-Paris, December 5

In an event at the COP21 climate summit, we will discuss waste management strategies with leading practitioners in the global south that will help us lead us towards a low-carbon economy. There will also be a booth at the event to display the latest publications from the Internet. The space is only open to accredited participants.

Activities in the Civil Society Space Climate Generation Zone (Le Bourget)

Composting and soil health: Zero waste and agro-ecological solutions for climate action – Paris, December 4, Conference Room 6 (14.45 – 18.30)

This event will bring together leading practitioners, cutting-edge researchers, and representatives of local agriculture and scavenger cooperatives from the global South to study climate solutions around organic waste, especially exploring the intersection between zero waste and agro-ecology. In cities around the world, practice shows that the treatment of organic waste is the key; as part of the problem, its proper management of composting can turn it into a real solution for soil depletion, landfill emissions reduction and fertilizer use.

The final plan will be announced soon.

Side event: What is NAMA and how important civil society participation is to its success-Paris, December 9

This side event is composed of international speakers and will focus on specific NAMAs around the world, including NAMAs in the waste sector, with special attention to the participation of civil society.

Side event: Zero waste solutions: An important contribution to climate change mitigation-Paris, December 10

We will host a side event in the Le Bourget civil society space to study the ways in which zero waste solutions can make an important contribution to mitigating climate change.

Side event: Contributions of Scavengers Cooperatives in Mitigating Climate Change-Paris, December 10

The event will be held in Conference Room 7 of the Civil Society Space. The discussion will include members from scavenger organizations and will emphasize the role scavengers and their organizations can play in mitigating the impact of climate change.

Events in other spaces:

Alternative Village-Paris, December 5-6

A large festival organized by Alternatiba in the Montreuil area of ​​Paris. The event is supported by more than 500 volunteers and climate enthusiasts from all over the world. The temporary village will provide multiple alternatives to climate justice and will include zero waste areas.People's Climate Summit-Paris, December 5-6

Throughout the two weeks of COP21, French and international civil society will organize hundreds of actions, debates and initiatives in Paris and its surrounding areas. But this weekend will be the most concentrated debate, seminars, screenings and presentations of specific alternatives to climate change. This "People's Climate Summit" will be held in Montreuil, a vibrant working-class town on the eastern outskirts of Paris.

Climate Action Zone-Paris, December 7-12

The Climate Action Zone organized by Coalition Climat 21 will showcase grassroots campaigns dedicated to combating the effects of climate change. We will hold events on zero waste strategy and climate justice from all over the world in this place where the space, date and specific location have not yet been determined.

Other climate actions:

During this period, more climate action will take place, and the Zero Waste Europe/GAIA delegation will coordinate with French Zero Waste and local activists to participate in the large-scale mobilization planned for December 12.

In such a busy schedule, it is obvious that zero waste solutions will appear in many civil society spaces at the COP21 climate summit. Hope this opportunity will allow us to build and strengthen our network to solve the world’s waste outside the conference. Incineration problem.

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