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Contact Lens Recycling Scheme

Contact Lens Recycling Program

Research commissioned by Johnson & Johnson found that one in five contact lens wearers flushed used lenses into the toilet or sink. These little plastic fragments, which are almost invisible, will eventually enter the waterways and be eaten by wild animals, adding to the mountains of discarded plastic that already exist in our environment.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of contact lens plastic waste, Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue launched the first such plan to recycle contact lenses in the UK.

Boots and selected independent opticians will recycle all brands of contact lenses, plastic bubble bags and foils after use. Recycling company Terracycle will be able to convert used contact lenses into new products.

You can also use their free shipping label to mail your used contact lenses to Acuvue or find one of their delivery points.

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