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CTR Group

CTR Group

CTR Europe provides smart solutions for the recycling and disposal of corporate waste.

CTR Europe is a corporate waste partner that can promote the disposal of various products in accordance with regulations and at the same time deal with them in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Recycling is no longer a choice, but a requirement, which not only depends on us, but also a corporate and social responsibility. Recycling will continue to exist, and future generations now rely on us to take action. This makes sense both in business and in the environment.

CTR Group provides companies with reliable and comprehensive waste management services in the recycling, reuse and resale of various materials. CTR Group strategically owns a 75,000-square-foot processing plant in central England, which collects, sorts and processes thousands of items each week, which are recycled, reused and resold.

As a recognized market leader, CTR Textiles provides comprehensive recycling and disposal services-responsible and trustworthy. Therefore, service and reliability are of the utmost importance. From dedicated account managers, uniformed drivers, monthly reports, all the way to the delivery of boxes-we redouble our efforts.

CTR Textiles has partnered with the high street charity chain to provide a full-service solution to dispose of unwanted items in an ethical manner (by the way, this is not limited to textiles). In fact, we will accept all the unwanted items you encounter, and also provide very competitive rebates!

To learn more about their textile recycling service, please call 0800 294 55 84.

Or visit: CTR Europe

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