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Don’t Get Scorched this Summer: Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants

Don't be scorched this summer: Energy-saving tips for restaurants

The temperature is high and energy costs are high. It is the summer of the catering industry. As a small business owner, it seems impossible to keep everyone and everything cold. From the air conditioner to the refrigerator to the ice maker, everything behind and in front of your home is running at full capacity. Failure to do so may mean losing business. But don't worry. Here are some creative steps to increase cost savings and possibly even boost business in the hot summer.

Lighting is everything. Having the right lighting in your restaurant can set the tone for your guests and the atmosphere of the entire space, but it can also mean spending a penny on the right light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs heat up—in fact, 90% of the energy they emit is heat—and depending on where and how much you use them, they may use up your electricity bill and air conditioning bill at the same time, trying to cancel out what they emit Heat. CFL is a good first step, but especially in summer, it is time for you to move towards the latest innovation-LED. The LED will get cold and use only a small part of the power required by other bulbs. This is a win-win situation. In the past few years, they have made great progress, with soft white and warm white options, as well as special bulb sizes and colors. From the smallest decorative strip lights to the largest ceiling lights, it’s time to replace the LEDs and stop living in the dark ages.

The raw is new Brussels sprouts. The kitchen is very hot, especially in summer. If you simply change the menu during the hot months, your kitchen staff and your wallet will thank you. There is no better time than now, because raw food is the latest fashion. Roasted Brussels sprouts were like this last year. Now, it is raw Brussels sprout salad, zucchini noodles, gazpacho, heirloom tomato salad-basically, if it is uncooked, completely natural and with a little creativity, it will save energy , And it is likely to become a sense of fashion. Who knows, you might find the next hot dish. At the very least, you will reduce the cooling of the kitchen.

Smoking is in. Not the kind of smoking. We are talking about outdoor barbecues and smokers. Check the meats on the menu to see which ones can be cooked in a smoker, or replaced with bacon or grilled meat in the summer. People like to see "house smoked" on the menu, they like to drive past and smell meat on smokers. Attract people while maintaining heat by adding outdoor smokers or grills to the summer setting of the kitchen.

Embrace the heat. Outdoor terraces, beer gardens and rooftop bars are all the rage. If you have space to provide outdoor seating, please take advantage of these extra tables. Add a few umbrellas and some big fans, and it's over. Some people like the heat, so let them enjoy it while enjoying all the food the restaurant offers-minus the air conditioning. Pro tip: Do not open the door and limit the number of waiters in and out. Consider adding a waiter station and computer terminal outside to prevent the door from opening and closing for each order.

Sometimes, the simplest solution may have the greatest impact. Every restaurant is different, so consider your brand, customers, and space, and then consider making some adjustments. You never know if you can save costs, unless you decide for yourself.

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