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Door-to-door Separate Collection Guide

Door-to-door individual pickup guide

Want to implement a zero waste separate collection strategy in your city, but don't know how to implement it? "Manual de Recogida Selectiva Puerta a Puerta" is exactly what you need.

The Catalan Door-to-Door Municipal Association has released a new version of the door-to-door separate collection manual, in which the Catalan door-to-door separate collection experts explained how to implement a door-to-door separate collection collection system:

– The individual collection can be increased from 30-40 (road container collection) to 70-80% (door to door),

– Can improve the quality of recycled materials,

– The disposal cost can be reduced by significantly reducing the residual part of the waste.

There are some practical examples in the book that show how the cost of door-to-door separate collection should not be higher than that of ordinary mixed collection, but it can provide a higher material recovery rate.

This book looks at the reality of Spain. It is written in Spanish, but for those who can read Spanish or Catalan (the original version is Catalan), it’s worth a visit. read.

You can download it for free here, or you can click on the picture to download.

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