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Effecorta – Sustainable, Zero Waste shopping is possible!

Effecorta – Sustainable, zero-waste shopping is possible!

Do you think eating sustainable food has become an expensive full-time job? This may be true in many parts of Europe, but there are more and more stores showing the path to sustainable development. Effecorta is located in Capannori, a zero-waste pioneer town in Italy. It is a good example of how sustainable zero-waste shopping is not only necessary, but also possible!

In the Effecorta store, 80% of the products come from 70 kilometers around the city of Capannori (aim to reach 95%), and many of them are organic.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg; our shop adheres to the principle of zero waste and does not use any plastic bags or any non-reusable packaging. This applies not only to tomatoes, but also to soap, dairy products, beauty creams, beer, wine, beans, rice, spices, salt, can tell it! All the products they sell come in refillable, reusable or/and biodegradable packaging.

this system:

– Allow each buyer to purchase according to their own needs, thereby minimizing the final waste of ordinary packaging items and being responsible for wasting a large amount of food (British households throw away 8.3 million tons of food each year),

– So that we don’t have to check the source and ingredients of the products, because you know they are all local and in most cases organic (save time),

– Reduce the carbon food printing of products because they do not have to be transported over long distances (reduce carbon dioxide emissions),

– Helps to minimize the generation of household waste (no waste packaging, less food wasted = lower costs for citizens and municipalities),

– Because you are buying the quantity you need, not the products in the pre-defined packaging, even if you buy bio, your final cost (and purchase) is less than in ordinary supermarkets! An Italian study showed that buying in bulk can reduce the cost of food by 64 Euros per month per household, or 775 Euros per year.

– Well, leaving everything aside: food tastes better and more nutritious, which is ultimately what we all want!

The program was initiated by 6 idealists from Tuscany in August 2009 and has now achieved economic stability. The sales of organic products in all products have increased by 20%.

Many people questioned the quality of natural bio-refillable soaps and other products from the start. For this reason, in the beginning, entrepreneurs tried different soaps for ordinary people (not the green ones that have been persuaded), and the final customer decided to continue to use locally produced biologicals with refillable packaging for pure practicality and quality reasons. Soap.

It is worth mentioning that the customers of this store are all kinds of ordinary people from Capannori and surrounding areas. This is a good example of how zero waste can adapt and improve daily life. This has been recognized by the Tuscan Eco-efficiency Award.

Effecorta proves how zero waste and sustainability can enter people's lives, while at the same time feeding them better, creating local jobs, reducing the carbon food printing of products and phasing out waste!

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