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The European Green Deal

European Green Agreement

By the end of 2019, waste incinerators from Lithuania to Spain were still under construction. We ignored the impact of plastics on our health, and we discovered that what we thought to be recycled was actually being burned or exported overseas.

The system is broken and really needs to be transitioned. The European Green Agreement released on December 11 is a step in the right direction and will help us move towards a zero-waste Europe. This is why we are committed to speeding up the transition by empowering the community to rethink their relationship with resources.

Because recycling is not enough, we need a recycling revolution. Because products that cannot be reused, repaired or recycled should not be allowed to enter the market. Because waste transactions need to be prohibited, the principle of proximity should be followed because it is always cheaper and easier to do the right thing. It’s more than doing the wrong thing because we need to reposition production and gradually eliminate pollution because the rules are formulated in Brussels, but the real change needs to happen at the local level because any company should achieve zero waste through design. Because there is no sustainable product, there is only Continuous system. Because of what nature has done for thousands of years, Europe will have to do it through design. We don’t have much time... We need an effective European green agreement.

Zero Waste Europe welcomes the new European Green Agreement, which is a timely declaration with appropriate ambitions. We note that this will require a re-examination of most of the EU policies formulated so far, some of which must be completely reversed. Unless proper reforms are carried out to establish the right legal and economic incentives, it will be difficult to achieve with the current EU governance structure. We warn that given the scale and speed of the proposed changes, it also needs to change the way EU decision-making works today. This is a huge challenge that will put all of us to the test. Zero Waste Europe will participate in this process, using our expertise, network and resources to make the European Green Agreement work for Zero Waste Europe.

Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director of Zero Waste Europe

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