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ZW strategy in Europe explained – The main principles

European ZW Strategy Explanation-Main Principles

Many people asked us to describe the guidelines and prerequisites for the European Zero Waste Strategy.

This is the answer you are looking for. The main principle that any ZW strategy should follow!

Each community has its own characteristics and needs to adjust its concepts according to local conditions. There is no one-size-fits-all zero-waste system. However, we tried to summarize the main principles and components of the zero waste strategy in the European environment in a booklet.

In general, these principles convey that zero waste is more a path than a destination, and the most important thing is a commitment to continuously reduce the remaining waste to zero; that is, to phase out the disposal plan of landfill and incineration, while continuing to improve Sustainability, economic resilience and social cohesion.

Please note that the conditions for becoming a zero-waste city are different from the zero-waste principle. In fact, this document serves as an information guide to understand what it's like to take a zero-waste road, and the conditions for becoming a zero-waste city are those cities that want to accept the challenge.

You can download the brochure on "Zero Waste in Europe" here.

Introduction to Zero Waste in Europe-Main Principles

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