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Example of a Zero Waste company - Interface

Example of a zero waste company-the interface

Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, the world's largest carpet production company, explained how to turn a billion-dollar oil industry into sustainable development is not only possible, but also economically and ethically beneficial. Since passing its zero-impact goal in 1995, the company has used fossil fuels and water, and its greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation have dropped significantly, while sales have increased by 2/3 and profits have doubled. Interface has transferred 74,000 tons of used carpets from the landfill, and a quarter of its materials are renewable and recyclable.

By pursuing zero waste and avoiding cost savings of $400 million, Interface has paid for all the costs of changing its practices and facilities.

As he said in the example of the interface in this video: "The myth of making the wrong choice between the environment and the economy is eliminated... If we, an oil-intensive company, can do it, then anyone can. If Anyone can, then everyone can".

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