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Florence Zero Waste Altermeeting: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REDESIGN

Florence Zero Waste Conference: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Redesign

One of the main conclusions of the Zero Waste Alternate Conference held in Florence from September 15th to 17th was to include 4 Rs in the old “Big 3” group.

In fact, more than 60 top-level speakers (including academics, researchers, policy makers, companies, and activists) agreed that instead of using the best minds to design machines to destroy resources such as incinerators and landfills, Our efforts should be directed to redesigning our economic operations to reduce the size of trash bins, reuse as much as possible and recycle what is left. R, who redesigned waste from the system, is one of the stars of the party.

The conference aims to showcase a large number of zero waste projects and local solutions for redesigning, reducing, reusing and recycling waste. For example, the CEO of DISMECO Claudio Germans explained how they managed to recycle up to 98% of the materials in used washing machines in his company, and how this created 30 new jobs. In the service sector, the Zero Waste Hotel Organization of Capri showed how they actually eliminated waste from hotels. In addition, some benign cities such as Capannori and Montespertoli demonstrated their successful collection systems. Currently in Italy alone, 91 cities (representing 2.5 million people) adhere to the goal of zero waste!

In addition to Italy, there were also some international speakers on Monday explaining interesting experiences from all over the world. During the 3-day conference, hundreds of people from different backgrounds and regions attended the conference, and the conference was a success. The message to the city of Florence and Tuscany is clear: your region is one of the pioneers of zero waste in the world, and Capannori is the first European town to announce the goal of zero waste in 2020. Lead by example and lead by example. There is a better way to go to the world without waste without burning or burying it!

For a more in-depth report in Italian, click here

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