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From Nate Morris: Our Greatest Asset

From Nate Morris: Our biggest asset

When I founded Rubicon® more than ten years ago, I wanted to build a company with the right values. The core of this is my firm commitment to Rubicon employees.

I knew then that, as I now know, maintaining a positive, safe and conducive environment for our employees will be the key to success. My position is not without critics, because when it comes to our employees and our culture, many observers try to persuade me to take shortcuts.

I firmly believe that every investment you make in the team will benefit your customers and shareholders ten times. This is why we strive to provide our employees with truly valuable benefits-including full medical insurance premiums (medical, vision and dental) for all full-time employees and their families; generous salary and bonus packages; 401(k) Matching; the ability to work remotely; unlimited holidays for qualified employees; first-class maternity and paternity leave; working holidays; short- and long-term disability insurance; life insurance; affinity group participation; discounted pet insurance; and lucrative patents and ideas Incentive plan. We also set up our headquarters in a building connected to public transportation, and we pay employees to commute to and from get off work to encourage them to minimize their carbon footprint.

I am honored to announce that Rubicon has been officially certified as the Best Place to Work® for the third consecutive year. This certification and Rubicon's continued certification of the B Corporation status are more important to me than any industry or professional awards. This is an official recognition of the work we do to ensure that we take care of our customers as they do.

Being officially certified as the "best place to work" for three consecutive years is a goal many companies aspire to achieve, but few can achieve it. In the process of obtaining this certification, Rubicon redefines the name together with a wide range of Fortune 100 companies such as Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Salesforce (NYSE: CRM).

My goal in entering the office every day is to ensure that working at Rubicon is a rewarding experience for every member of our team. These efforts of Rubicon have been recognized again, and I am extremely proud. Rubicon is still a great place to work.

Nate Morris is the founder and CEO of Rubicon. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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