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Gaiakraft: Beyond paper recycling?

A few years ago, paper and cardboard recycling was considered a big step towards closing the material cycle, but it was a major improvement at the time, and now it has the potential for further development. Paper recycling is now a breeze, but there are new alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

Follow the idea that the best waste is non-existent waste; the best waste paper is the paper that was not produced initially. IE. Dematerialization of use. The concept of paperless office is a universal reality. More and more people are reading news and books on the electronic platform, the number of newspapers is decreasing, the cardboard packaging is decreasing...The use of paper trays can be greatly reduced. However, it is still difficult to imagine a world without paper.

The raw material of wood pulp is trees. Deforestation and specialized tree planting have a negative impact not only on the environment but also on the local economy. To make 1 ton of paper, you need 20 trees, 60,000 liters of water, and a lot of chemicals. Paper recycling is very good because it reduces tree felling, but it is a technology that uses a lot of water and bleach, so it generates water waste and carbon emissions.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a system to minimize the use and discharge of water and chemicals. This is what Gaiakraft does.

Gaiakraft has developed a system that allows trees to leave temporarily and saves a lot of water, emissions and chemicals. GaiaKraft bags and packaging are made of paper from mineral powder (calcium carbonate), which means it has no trees! This tree-free paper is different from traditional paper in that it is made of a high proportion of mineral powder and a small amount of non-toxic resin. More importantly, the process used to make paper does not use water or bleach like traditional wood pulp paper.

GaiaKraft is water-repellent, it is a tree-free paper, basically contains no fiber, does not absorb ink, so compared with traditional wood pulp paper, printing ink is 20-30% less.

GaiaKraft is degradable, and due to its high mineral content, it will be safely degraded after 6 to 9 months in nature.

Less deforestation, no use of water or bleach, no release of toxins, degradable, recyclable, reduced emissions, waterproof, use less ink... Gaiakraft paper looks like the future of our forests and rivers is moving forward The next step is also a one-step strategy to achieve zero waste!

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