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Guppyfriend Washing Bag

Guppyfriend laundry bag

The problem of microplastics in our environment is now well documented. Plastics are found in the stomachs of wild animals and enter our food. Even in our washing machines, millions of fine fibers fall off synthetic clothes and fall into the waterways. This problem does not seem to be solved.

Introducing the Guppyfriend laundry bag, developed by a German company, made of untreated and undyed fine polyamide mesh. Guppyfriend is designed to capture the smallest microfibers during the washing cycle, thereby preventing them from being washed into the sewer and water system .

As part of the test project, the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT has confirmed that Guppyfriend washing bags reliably retain microfibers, and compared to washing without Guppyfriend washing bags, the fiber shed in synthetic textiles is reduced by 86%. As a bonus, Guppyfriend also helps protect the fibers in textiles from breaking, thereby helping to extend the life of the clothes.

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