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Hearing Aids

Hearing aid

Can I recycle old hearing aids?

Yes, there are many great projects in the world that are willing to repair, refurbish your old hearing aids and send them to developing countries for reuse. If you have any old hearing aids, please consult your audiologist first. If you have old NHS hearing aids, you may need to get them back if you no longer need them. (NHS hearing aids are not the property of the wearer-they are still the property of the NHS and technically lent to you!)

However, if the NHS does not want them to come back, there may be a collection point; in the audiology department of your local hospital, in the collection box of your local GP clinic, or in one of the hearing aid pharmacies on the street. For example; Specsavers Hearcare is collecting old hearing aids for Sound Seekers. Some charity stores may also bring them, but if you can’t find a place nearby, you can mail your old hearing aids to the Hearing Care Center in Suffolk and they will donate them to Lions Clubs International or Hear4U

Unused hearing aid batteries can be recycled with your other batteries-or again in the GP or hospital battery recycling bin.

What about the old audiology equipment?

Here you will find a list of charities and organizations that carry out humanitarian ENT and audiology work all over the world, and hope that one of them will be happy to use it!

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