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I:CO System

I: CO system

What is I:CO?

I: The name CO stands for "I Collect". Their system is like this: "We can all return the clothes, shoes, or belts or bags we discarded to the place where we bought them. I:CO globally provides infrastructure to ensure valuable raw materials from these old textiles Enter the closed-loop production cycle and stay there. From collection to recycling, consumer products are recycled and used for new purposes. In this way, every consumer and every participating company is actively contributing to climate protection.”

I: How does CO work?

this is very simple. You go to one of the branches of our I:CO trading partner. You store clothes, shoes or accessories that you no longer use-you will receive a shopping voucher that you can use immediately to purchase new items from our business partners. I:CO is good for your pockets and the environment-because we collect your used clothes and use them.

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