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I want my biowaste bin!

I want my bio trash can!

One third of French trash cans are bio-waste (food and garden waste), and organic matter can be easily recycled in the form of compost or biogas.

In the absence of a separate collection system, most of the organic matter is currently incinerated or landfilled, causing a lot of pollution. In addition to local initiatives for personal and community composting caused by citizen mobilization, municipalities must now implement a separate collection system to collect most of our biological waste.

Currently, only 3% of the French population benefit from a separate biological waste collection system, which leaves the way for the disturbing development of mechanical biological treatment (MBT). In fact, France is one of the few countries in Europe that uses this dangerous technology to this extent, poorly monitored and cost-effective, and uses mixed household waste to produce compost for agriculture.

On June 4th, Cniid (French National Garbage Independent Information Center) launched the "I want my biological trash can" campaign. With the support of many organizations, the main goal of the campaign is to challenge decision makers on the future of bio-waste management in France.

The campaign participates in the framework of the waste prevention and material recycling campaigns in France and Europe, and participates in ecological transformation on a global scale. The measures established by Grenelle de l'environnement and the waste-related European guidelines provide for the separate management of biological waste. Laura Caniot, Cniid’s waste prevention and alternative program officer, believes that “if France wants to achieve 45% recycling by 2015 and 23% renewable energy production by 2020, biological waste can no longer be excluded. Beyond waste management. »

In order to raise awareness of the need to better manage biological waste in France, Cniid and its partner organizations called on citizens to mobilize to support a separate biological waste collection system and asked supporters to post on the campaign’s website, Sign online petitions and participate in the census of community composting programs, which have been launched nationwide.

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