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"Incineradoras No, Madrid Zero Waste" is in action!

Incineradoras No, Zero Waste Madrid is successfully paving the way for zero waste cities in the Madrid region of Spain.

Since this summer, due to the progressive political shift in many cities in the region, the network has been able to form alliances with other parties and has passed a motion calling for zero waste in at least four cities. In addition, the network has been able to create and develop working groups that implement zero waste in various cities as an alternative to urban waste management models.

The four municipalities that have approved the motion are Loeches, Mejorada del Campo, Torres de la Alameda and Velilla de San Antonio. They are all small towns of no more than 44 square kilometers and no more than 23,000 inhabitants. However, they have many environmental problems, such as factories that process toxic sludge, wastewater treatment, industrial and hazardous waste storage, illegal landfills, incinerators, and cement kilns that burn waste.

The passage of the bill has brought positive news and hopes to the current waste management situation in Madrid. This is a step in the right direction to achieve a zero-waste reality.

Detailed motion

The bill recognizes the urgent need to stop relying on wrong solutions, such as landfills and incinerators. This model will affect the environment and people's health in neighboring and neighboring cities. Therefore, we need a paradigm shift, and in the movement we demand:

The committee will be formally required to develop a "Regional Waste Strategy 2016-2026" for the City of Madrid. This will replace current and outdated strategies and set a "zero waste" waste management goal for our region.

If operated by a municipality, the current and future costs of waste management should be studied. This study should evaluate its feasibility and implementation. Review the current waste management contract and whether it can be modified to gradually implement the zero waste selective collection project. Control and monitor the current waste collection to ensure that the contract is implemented, so we can confirm that they did not mix municipal waste and other types of waste (packaging) during the collection.

'Incineradoras no, Madrid zero waste'

This zero-waste European member is an organization established by community associations, environmental groups, 15M public gatherings, organic garden collectives, to combat facilities and hazardous waste programs, the "no macro landfills, zero waste" movement, political representatives Network groups and individual zero waste activists. Their common goal is to combat the generation of hazardous waste, and to combat hazardous waste facilities and planning facilities mainly located in the eastern part of Madrid.

For many years, the network has been the focal point of the region's defense against environmental damage. It is committed to submitting rebuttals to waste projects, environmental damage reports, lobbying and organizing training, rallies and demonstrations, with the aim of showing people’s opposition to these projects.

While challenging these facilities, the network has developed and is now promoting a zero waste policy that replaces the current waste treatment plan. This should be implemented in all cities of Madrid. In this way, Madrid Zero Waste also hopes to reach out to these institutions through the current "mass unity" candidates, who are more open to the project through the motion of their city.

Finally, thanks for the wonderful work of "Incineradoras No, Madrid Zero Waste", zero waste really happened in Madrid!

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