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Limassol's recovery operation

Media Contact: Anastasia Korae, Chairman of the Board of Friends of the Earth Cyprus

+357 998 13126

For immediate release: Limassol, 12/03/2019

Within the framework of the #StopThePlasticFlow project, benefiting from the help of Beyond Plastic Med,

Friends of the Earth in Cyprus organized a waste prevention and recycling campaign before, during and after

A large carnival parade in Limassol, Cyprus on March 10, 2019. The campaign involves raising awareness

Carnival and spectator activities culminated in recycling after the parade.

The operation started at 3 pm and lasted 4 hours. 23 volunteers followed the last float of the parade to participate,

Accompanied by a truck, the whole journey is 2.5 kilometers.

The post-parade recovery operation was carried out in cooperation with the Limassol city government that provided the trucks

Used to collect recyclable materials, supported by Green Point Cyprus (1), they set up recycling points for PMD

And the glass at the beginning and end of the parade. Volunteers use electronic scales to calculate the weight of recyclable materials

Collected 2,800 kg (nearly 3 tons), mainly including empty spray cans, aluminum cans, disposable plastic bottles,

Drink carton and glass. Considering the fact that revellers and spectators surpassed it, this is obviously a strange race against time.

140,000 people this year. According to the most optimistic situation, the collected materials correspond to 20% of the total

Recyclable materials discarded during a large carnival parade.

A time-lapse video of the operation can be found here.

Download the press release.


(1) Green Dot is a licensed recycling operator in the city of Limassol.


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