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Little Princes Trust – Hair donation

Little Princes Trust-Hair donation

The Little Prince Trust Fund helps children and young people suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Every year, the Little Princess Trust provides approximately 2,000 real hair wigs for children and young people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other diseases (such as hair loss).

Charities have learned how much their wigs have on someone’s confidence and self-esteem by talking to young wig recipients. The mother of a wig recipient summarized the feelings of many people. She said: "These wigs are not to hide your treatment or pain, but to crown your courage and bravery."

In addition to providing wig services, The Little Princess Trust is also one of the most important funders of childhood cancer research in the United Kingdom. And, since 2016, more than 12 million pounds have been invested in projects dedicated to finding friendlier and more effective treatments for childhood cancer.

The Little Princess Trust Fund encourages its supporters to continue to grow their hair until they have at least 12 inches of hair to cut and donate.

However, since their longest wig is the most popular, the biggest demand is to donate wigs that are 16 inches or longer.

The minimum hair length that The Little Princess Trust can accept is 7 inches (17 cm), but the charity already has a large number of hairs of this length.

Hair must be dry and in good condition when cutting. For more details on the best way to cut and donate your hair, please visit the charity’s website:

Suitable hair types:

Clean, dry hair of any gender and any natural color is in good condition (no split ends)

Straight, wavy, curly, perm, or chemically straightened (in good condition)

Contains odd gray (less than 10%)

Dyeing, bleaching/high gloss (any dye must be natural color)

Layering (the shortest layer must be at least 7 inches/17 cm)

Braids/ponytails, cut a long time ago, well preserved

The charity accepts hair from inside and outside the UK

Hair that is not suitable for Little Princess Trust children's wig:

Hair less than 7 inches/17 cm in length

Dyed into unnatural colors (blue, green, purple)

Most/mostly gray hair


Hair extension

Little Princess Trust Hair Donation

Hannah Tapley Building,

22-25 Burlington Street,


HR4 0BJ.


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