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Initiatives to reduce food waste

Measures to reduce food waste

We have never produced so much food like today, and there has never been so much hunger in the world. Our generation is determined to break all records... but it is up to us whether they want to break the pride record or the shame record.

If current economic trends are not reversed, as many as 145 million Europeans (a quarter of us) will be living below the poverty line by 2025. At the same time, one-third of the food produced for human consumption in the world has never been eaten... What's wrong?

But it does not need to be like this. Europe is taking many actions to combat food waste.

The EU’s resource efficiency roadmap is expected to be reduced by 50%, and the European Parliament stated that this goal should be achieved by 2025. At the state level, few member states set goals. So far, France is the only country that has pledged to halve food waste by 2025. On average, the French throw away 20 kilograms of waste food every year, and each household spends about 400 euros per year. This figure includes 7 kilograms of food in unopened packages that were discarded.

The Netherlands has set a mid-term target of 20% for 2015. In Sweden, a similar reduction is also proposed in 2020.

The European Commission is expected to put forward a goal of reducing waste in 2014, while also addressing the problem of food waste.

But the most innovative actions occur at the local level, and this is where changes really need to be made.

Below you can find some examples of how the UK’s “Pig Idea” program follows a zero waste hierarchy and gives priority to feeding animals before using them for composting. In Slovakia, some activists practice trash can diving to save fully edible Food, an initiative in Catalonia to train people to reduce food waste, in Italy, last-minute markets save a lot of food every year...

Pig idea

Slovakia's RE(F)USE concept

Do you happen to know about other changes in the food waste field? Please share!

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