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Nappy Ever After, a laundry service for nappies

Nappy Ever After, diaper laundry service


Nappy Ever After is a London-based company that provides pure cotton diaper cleaning services. This system is ideal for parents who want to switch from disposable diapers to reusable diapers but don’t have the time or energy to clean them.

The benefits of using washable cloth diapers are well known; – For babies: increased comfort and freshness, lower temperature in the genital area and skin problems, and no diapers are used instead of disposable. – For parents; there is no need to buy diapers. Compared with disposable diapers, this means more savings-for the environment and public interest: each baby generates more than half a ton of waste in disposable diapers every year-874 Kilogram UK -. It takes 500 years for disposable diapers to degrade. If you calculate the number of newborns in your country multiplied by 1000-1500 kg of waste, you will see how much landfill or incineration costs can be saved by local authorities.

The system is simple to operate; diapers are delivered and picked up to individual customers and nurseries once a week. Customers decide how many diapers they want to receive—usually about 50 per week. All systems operate on a small scale and at the local level, creating local jobs and sustainability.

Some of the observations in nurseries where this has been applied-in individual cases-are that the use of reusable diapers, children feel when wet, and they start earlier than others self-control. Therefore, it has important educational significance for babies. This diaper laundry service is not unique. This system is very common in the United States and Australia. There are several successful examples, and similar experiences in the Netherlands or Italy.

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