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National Pizza Day: Celebrate with Six Sustainable Slices

National Pizza Day: Celebrate

with six sustainable slices. Such a big change has taken place in the past 12 months. In order to stick to something familiar in the pandemic, Americans rely on comfort carbohydrates. From baking our own banana bread at home, to making cookies on Zoom to connect with colleagues, and even the global shortage of Feta cheese due to viral pasta; we are chewing and chewing in an unprecedented way. Although many of these pandemic sector trends have come and gone, a real, tried-and-tested hospitality still remains at the top of the list as it deserves.

Pizza is so popular that Americans consume nearly 100 acres of pizza every day. That's a pie for less than 100 football fields! So what could possibly make this most popular delicacy better in the world? The answer is simple-emphasizing sustainability while supporting local businesses!

To add fun to your National Pizza Day, here are six pizzerias offering special slices throughout the United States with an ecological awareness:

The Star (multiple locations, California)

In terms of sustainability, California's The Star goes far beyond the traditional practices of organic ingredients, water conservation, and sustainable energy (they do all of these too). Their expanded vision focuses on "community support, employee well-being, sustainable agricultural practices, cooperation with independent companies, renewable energy and more."

The Star is on the path of ethical responsibility, working hard to improve rather than reduce their environment and community. This is evident in their sustainable footprint reduction actions:

Install low-flow taps Use compostable packaging to purchase locally to limit transportation emissions Use environmentally friendly products for cleaning and maintenance

In addition to these measures, The Star has also obtained REAL certification. REAL Certified is "a nationally recognized trust mark for restaurants and food service providers dedicated to promoting healthy and sustainable development in the industry." REAL certification means The Star stands out in its industry for its excellent food practices.

The Star currently provides takeaway and local delivery services to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

Firecracker Pizza and Beer (St. Louis, Missouri)

The new Firecracker Pizza in St. Louis, named after the personality that runs this joint store, is an explosion of all flavors, brews and attitudes.

As part of the "Green Catering Alliance" in St. Louis, the Firecracker team has a strong recycling program that only serves draft beer (to eliminate the use of cans and bottles), composts food waste, and operates without seeing a straw . With unique flavor combinations such as mint chutney, Mexican street corn and homemade pastrami, there are several reasons why this is not your mom's pizzeria! Firecracker opened in 2018 and has become a delicacy representative of all walks of life that flood the streets of its community.

Firecracker Pizza and Beer was also a finalist for Rubicon's 2018 Best Small Business in America. Their passion for sustainable sourcing, innovative ingredients and plastics makes this St. Louis hotspot a must-see in the Midwest.

Hotlips (Portland, Oregon)

Pizza in Portland, Oregon is not so much a quick solution to the problem of hunger, it is a way of life. Therefore, when your pizza is considered the best pizza, you must be doing the right thing.

Meet Hotlips.

This family business has been delighting Portlanders and pizza lovers since 1984. Their delicious pizza must be tasted to make people believe that they make their own fresh fruit soda, and they strive to become a sustainable and locally responsible enterprise, improving and protecting the communities they serve.

Their six locations use local ingredients as much as possible to make pies and homemade soda. When a raw material cannot be sourced locally, Hotlips becomes creative (it is well known to use locally sourced cherries instead of pineapples). This is just one of their ways to reduce transportation emissions.

The delivery method of Hotlips also involves environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. When their pies arrive via bicycles or electric cars, pizza lovers can be satisfied with their no increased carbon footprint.

Therefore, when it comes to Portland pizza, Hotlips is just right in terms of sustainability.

Sol Pie Pizza (Canton, Ohio)

It may take a "green audit" by the North Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce and the Stark State Department of Environment in Ohio to put Sol Pie Pizza on the road to sustainable pizza, but they have been sticking to it ever since. This Ohio’s most popular pizza is now an active part of the solution, and their efforts are commendable.

Here are some ways Sol Pie Pizza makes pizza and the world is better for everyone:

They only use recyclable and/or compostable packaging. They recycle 80% of in-store waste. All their lighting is energy efficient. They limit their printing marketing projects.

In addition to internal sustainable efforts, Sol Pie Pizza also collaborates with local farmers, businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations to create a healthier community.

They do this by sourcing raw materials locally, while paying special attention to the seasonal supply of farmers engaged in sustainable agriculture. They also buy animal products from farmers who focus on sustainably and ethically raising animals.

Pompieri Pizza (Durham, North Carolina)

Some people might argue that the secret of Pompieri Pizza's perfect pie lies in their fish tank, and part of what they say is correct. Durham, North Carolina is fortunate to have this pizza supplier, not only because of the delicious pizza they provide, but also because of their extensive sustainability. Now back to the tank.Pompieri Pizza's use of the world's largest fish-vegetable symbiosis system caused a sensation. According to The Aquaponic Source, the system is "a combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (plant soilless cultivation) in an integrated system.

Fish excrement provides an organic food source for plants, and plants naturally filter water for fish. "So where did the pie come from?

Although they said they might try some freshwater sardines one day, Pompieri uses this system to grow fresh basil and other pizza herbs. Imagine a herb garden that is nourished and moisturized by water pumped in from the fish tank below. Drainage from the garden will return to the water tank, where the water purified by the soil can keep the fish happy!

In addition, they have obtained a wide range of locally sourced raw materials through cooperation with other local companies with a sense of sustainable development.

Pizza Fusion (Boca Raton, Florida)

Pizza Fusion transcends all sustainable "t's" and embellishes all "pies". The business philosophy of this gem in Boca Raton, Florida is "Social responsibility is as important as profitability. Some companies cut corners for their own benefit, and Pizza Fusion will redouble its efforts to help everyone-customers, the environment, employees, and the company Lord-do the best thing.

From creation to delivery, these are just some of the sustainable practices of Pizza Fusion:

Delivery is done through a hybrid vehicle owned by the company. They offset 100% of their energy use by purchasing a renewable wind energy certificate. They recycle pizza boxes, but also offer discounts for customers to return pizza boxes to do the same thing. Only environmentally friendly cleaners are used for disinfection In their store, they serve food in compostable "plastic-like" containers (100% cornstarch material, which decomposes in a landfill within 50 days) and they use compostable spudware (100% potato utensils, biodegradable in 50 days) ) They use 100% post-consumer toilet paper and paper towels

When it comes to their community efforts, Pizza Fusion has indeed paid the price. They donate money to environmental causes in and around the community, and before COVID-19 every three Thursdays, they hold free classes to teach children the importance of recycling and organics.

Their sustainability doesn't even stop there. Pizza Fusion builds the restaurant in accordance with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standard established by the U.S. Green Building Council. These efforts include:

Use CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs to reduce energy consumption. Install soy oil seat cushions. Install 100% recycled detergent bottles. Countertops. Recycle sink waste water into toilets. Install furniture made of recycled wood. Recycle glass bottles to floor tiles. Energy Star certified appliances. Recycled blue jeans

This extra focus on sustainability is what really sets Pizza Fusion apart.

To learn more about how to make your restaurant more sustainable, or to learn more about Rubicon's work to change the entire waste and recycling category, be sure to download our first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

Editor's Note: References to companies/companies in this article do not imply that these companies express their affiliation with Rubicon or their recognition of Rubicon in any way.

Amy Koonin Taylor is the marketing content and media manager for Rubicon. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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