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Restoring old sneakers-Stoke's soles

If your favorite sneakers look old and dirty, you don’t need to rush to replace them. Entrepreneur Lance Birchall from Stoke-on-Trent restored old sneakers to their original form! What started as a hobby...Read more

Mascara brush

For all mascara users, don't throw away old mascara brushes or sticks when they become clogged or when the mascara runs out! The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge found that these little brushes are great for grooming their... Read more

Contact Lens Recycling Program

Research commissioned by Johnson & Johnson found that one in five contact lens wearers flushed used lenses into the toilet or sink. These little plastic fragments that are almost invisible will eventually enter the waterways... Read more

Suez calls for reforms to recycling labels

Based on independent research, the company designed a labeling system that uses the "traffic light" color version of the existing Mobius recycling ring to show consumers whether the product can be easily recycled. Every product... read more


Care4Calais is a humanitarian charity led by volunteers, providing necessary assistance to refugees in northern France and Belgium. Care4Calais was founded by a group of volunteers whose sole purpose is to support the people in Calais refugee camp and provide fresh... Read more

Ocean plastic pollution

Many items that people use every day contain plastic. Despite its many benefits, the excessive use of plastic is causing serious damage to the environment, especially the ocean. For many... read more

The straw sucks!

The world smokes 1 billion plastic straws every day! Between the United States and the United Kingdom, we use more than 550 million plastic straws every day. Think about it, you take a few minutes to drink a smoothie, sip... read more

How environmentally friendly is your application?

Is your favorite application powered by renewable energy? Since 2010, Greenpeace has been calling on large Internet companies to use renewable energy to power their applications. Leaders from Facebook to Google have promised, who will be next? A data center that stores... Read more

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