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Nissan Leaf & Zero Waste

Nissan Leaf and zero waste

The new Nissan Leaf is an electric car. Once produced, it will not generate new carbon dioxide emissions-except for those related to power generation.

The Nissan Green Plan focuses on reducing waste at all stages of the car's life cycle (from development to disposal). Therefore, part of the car’s materials are made from recycled materials from old interior parts, bumpers and plastic bottles. Nissan is using materials extracted from vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life, and is reducing the use of non-renewable resources and materials that will eventually become waste.

The insulation layer of the floor and the skin fabric of the canopy are made of recycled plastic fibers, the fabric of the Leaf seat and armrests are made of recycled plastic bottles, the bumper is made of used or damaged recycled bumpers, etc... …The end of life of Nissan Leaf. The new life begins with recycling: 99% of cars and 100% of lithium-ion cars can be recycled. Since the battery can still retain 80% of its capacity after 5 years of use, it can be given a second life, otherwise it can be disassembled and its materials can be recycled.

Nissan Leaf is a good example of how to design system waste: reduce environmentally harmful substances, use a new chemical-free system to remove paint on bumpers, lithium-ion batteries can be used as energy to obtain a second life storage The solution benefited from the Sumitomo Group's "reuse, resale, remanufacturing and recycling" enterprise. The aluminum wheels of scrapped vehicles were recycled to make high-end suspension parts...

When it is impossible to choose to walk, ride a bicycle or take public transportation, Nissan Leaf provides a zero waste solution from A to B.

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