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OHYO the colapsabottle

OHYO collapsible bottle

Ohyo is a collapsible water bottle that can be reused more than 10,000 times. The new Ohyo version, originally branded as the Aquatina bottle, has an integrated drinking nozzle, so you don't need to unscrew the top to drink.

The person behind Ohyo is Guy Jeremiah, an environmental scientist from Sheffield, UK. Guy came up with the idea of ​​a collapsible water bottle in 2008 after witnessing the environmental damage caused by bottled water. The foldable Aquatina bottle is designed and manufactured in the UK and is made of non-toxic plastic. It is a reusable and safer alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

OHYO also has a beautiful website where you can find your nearest water dispenser, where you can fill up cute Ohyo water bottles for free.

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