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Podcast Recap: Key Takeaways from Author Ocean Robbins

Podcast review: The key takeaways from author Ocean Robbins

Town Haul Podcast | Episode 28

Moderator: Amy Koonin (Rubicon) Guest: Ocean Robbins Listen here

Moderator: Amy Koonin (Rubicon) Guest: Ocean Robbins Listen here

In this episode of Town Haul, host Amy Koonin and Ocean Robbins have a deep understanding of the power of healthy food. His last name may sound familiar-his grandfather founded Baskin Robbins. The ocean did not fully follow his grandfather's path. He is an expert on food waste and sustainability; his book "31 Days of Food Revolution" discusses the importance of healthy food and how to detox your life.

About his family history:

OCEAN ROBBINS: "Going back a few generations ago, my grandfather founded an ice cream company Baskin-Robbins, and my father John had a cone ice cream pool in the backyard and 31 flavors of ice cream at home. The refrigerator. He was caught Cultivation will one day join the operating family company, but when he was in his early 20s, he got the opportunity, he refused, and then he left a path almost paved with gold and ice cream and followed in his own footsteps. Stone road.

He eventually moved with my mother to a small island off the coast of Canada, where they built a single cabin, grew most of their food, practiced yoga and meditation for several hours a day, and named their children Ocean. "

Regarding what he meant by the food revolution:

Ocean Robbins: "We live in a culture in which eating foods rich in added sugars has become the norm. The average American eats 57 pounds of added sugars a year; eating foods rich in hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals Material food is normal. There are 1,400 chemical substances in our food supply, most of which have never been tested for their long-term effects on human health.

We live in such an environment, if you want to eat real and healthy food, you have to get out of the box. You have to do something different, which I say is revolutionary. I am not calling for reduced toxic foods. I am not saying let us eat McDonald’s, but to make their French fries have less trans fat. I am saying that we need a fundamental revolution to make food one. This source brings us health and vitality. "

On the power of healthy eating:

OCEAN ROBBINS: "Did you know that a study conducted by researchers at Chicago Rush University found that when people eat one or two servings of vegetables a day, their brain function will increase their health for 11 years? Alzheimer’s The average likelihood of latent disease has been delayed by 11 years.

When you think about these numbers, when you think about the fact that there is already ample evidence that we can prevent or reverse 80% of heart disease cases if it's not just through healthy food, it's amazing, it's powerful.

We realize that food is medicine, and food can really cure. The toxic food culture that kills us also means that a healthy food culture can save us. "

On a tangible object that he cannot live without:

Ocean Robbins: "My bike. I have an electric bicycle. I can ride it anywhere in the local area. It keeps me in shape, makes me have fun, and makes traveling an adventure."

About his favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor:

Ocean Robbins: "I prefer jam almond jelly. My father invented it. I like a mix of chocolate and a little coffee. These are healthy foods. To be honest, I really don’t eat ice cream. I eat homemade frozen desserts. Baskin Robbins doesn't do it, but they are great."

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