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Podcast Recap: 5 Takeaways with Xero Brand Ambassador, Ryan Watson

Podcast review: Xero brand ambassador Ryan Watson

's 5 key points. Town Haul Podcast | Episode 1

Moderator: Amy Koonin (Rubicon) Guest: Ryan Watson (Xero Brand Ambassador)

Trying to build a business from scratch is difficult. Then try to add a physical store to today's e-commerce world, or make your business unique through sustainability or social mission.

We know this is not easy, which is why we launched the Town Haul podcast, a series dedicated to helping sustainable companies achieve greater success.

But before you even start using the differentiating factors of your business, you need to make sure your books are organized. This is why our host Amy Koonin decided to launch our first podcast with Xero, Rubicon’s small business accounting software partner.

She chatted with Xero’s brand ambassador Ryan Watson about the challenges of getting small businesses to start and how to prepare a physical store for the holidays.

1. Your contacts are your net worth

RYAN: "When starting a small business, be with as many people as possible who have solved your current challenges and really rely on them. You should allocate a lot of budget to drinking coffee and taking people out. The reality is that people Like to help others, so make sincere and honest requests to people in the community who have been there. Doing so is the first step mentor to surround yourself with a group of ultimate people."

2. Find an accountant out of confidence, not convenience

RYAN: "One of my advice to people looking for an accountant is not necessarily to find someone who is closest to you geographically, but someone who is best able to help them solve your unique business challenges and ultimately succeed. I think this It is one of the major learnings in cloud technology. The company has eliminated geographical barriers and can not only provide services for customers in its own hometown, but also provide services for customers across the country and the world."

3. There is no more advanced technology than interpersonal communication

RYAN: "Machines are very good at doing things, and what humans are good at doing is to provide creative thinking on top of these new automated transaction processes in e-commerce and physical stores. I think every industry must ask itself, we can help us What additional added value does our customers provide? These added values ​​are highly customized and highly customized. In addition to the traditional fair services we provide, they have real value to their lives."

4. Taxes are not just the spring season

RYAN: "Many people like to think of the tax season in April as a year when I can hire an accountant to do some financial magic and really reduce my tax liability. The reality is that once the year is over, you It may not be possible to change the tax liability for the period that has ended, but you can make some thoughtful planning around the future, the coming year and these areas around things such as your organization. Perhaps, being an S-corp organization is a big deal for you A very good solution that can help reduce your tax liability. Retirement planning is an area where business owners can defer a considerable amount of tax liability to the future. At the beginning of the year, especially in January, hiring a professional is a tax accountant in 4 It’s time for a really thoughtful conversation with them before getting very busy before the deadlines in March, March, and April. I want to say that these two things are my advice to those considering 2018 and beyond."

5. Available in 2018

RYAN: "Several things are happening. Obviously, e-commerce undoubtedly dominates. Every year it accounts for an increasing share of holiday spending. There is no doubt that this will continue in 2018. But what is being done One thing is-I think there is some fatigue similar to Black Friday, and there are more opportunities to reach buyers throughout the holiday period, not just on that day. I do think we are starting to see peaks in This period has gradually calmed down. Frankly speaking, this is a good trend for small boutiques and small manufacturers. I think there must be a trend that no longer only shop at large retailers, and these people will continue to see Market share is declining, and people are looking for more unique, authentic, and well-planned experiences and gifts. You will see this continue to increase."

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