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Hauler Appreciation Month: Giving Thanks to Your Waste and Recycling Hauler

Porter Appreciation Month: Thank you for your waste and recycling porter

December is Rubicon's Porter Appreciation Month, where we celebrate people all over the world who pick up and handle our waste and recycle every day, rain or shine.

Although we are grateful that we have a network of more than 7,000 suppliers and transporter partners (90% of which are small independent businesses) throughout the year, in December this year we would like to take the time to express additional gratitude for all the work they have done to keep us The community is clean and safe.

This year, the COVID-19 public health emergency has made the work of waste and recycling workers, already one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, even more dangerous. Read on to learn how Rubicon is fighting for porters everywhere, how to keep your community porters safe during COVID-19, and how to express gratitude to local porters during these challenging times.

Fight for porters everywhere

Our independent porter partners are at the core of everything we do at Rubicon. We thank them every day and all the porters around the world who continue to provide basic services during the global pandemic. When I talk to our porter team about our porter partners, these descriptions are the most common: expert, professional, dedicated and tireless. We are honored to work with such a passionate community.

For the past ten months, Nate Morris, the founder, chairman and CEO of Rubicon, has been fighting for transportation workers across the United States to ensure their safety, health, and floating during the COVID-19 pandemic:

In March, Nate wrote a letter to President Donald Trump, the main cabinet secretary, and the leaders of the US Congress, urging them not to ignore the waste and recycling transporters in the COVID-19 relief program. In late March, he wrote a letter to Rubicon's independent transporter partners to provide guidance on how to apply for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans during this period of huge economic hardship. In July, Rubicon announced that it would provide protective masks to all its partner porters and sanitation workers. In December, Nate wrote to Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urging the CDC and ACIP to prioritize the waste and recycling sector when health care workers receive COVID-19 vaccination.

How to keep waste and recycling trucks safe

Here are six things we can do together to help our waste and recycling movers and other sanitation workers continue to provide basic services while staying safe:

Use soap and water or alcohol-based cleaning products to clean the handles and lids of all trash cans and recycling bins actually picked up by sanitation workers; make sure the trash cans and bags are closed and properly sealed; if you need to interact with your waste and recycling movers , Wear a mask and maintain social distancing during the process; follow the rules set by the local health department, and only put appropriate waste and recycled materials into the appropriate trash bin; be picked up by placing your in the trash or recycling plan Take out the trash can the night before; put new work gloves and/or hand sanitizer bottles on the lid of the trash can as a gift (include a note so they know it is safe to use).

Appreciation of waste and recycling movers

During Hauler Appreciation Month, there are many ways to express gratitude to your waste and recycling movers. Although communities across the United States celebrate the holidays while taking COVID-19 precautions, the hard work of porters has not slowed down. A little gratitude can make the morning hours sweeter. You and your child can make a poster to express your gratitude, or place a box of good things that have been disinfected next to the trash can. Water bottles, (unopened) snacks or new work gloves are always popular.

For a series of ideas on how to express your appreciation, please scroll through the hashtag #HaulerHeroes on Twitter and Instagram. If you choose to thank the local porter, please inspire others to do the same by taking a picture and uploading it to social media using the hashtag #HaulerHeroes. We will share some of our favorite things on Rubicon’s social media accounts to spread the word.

Chris Watts is Rubicon's senior director of innovation and transportation relations. In order to stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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