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Press Release: A Just Transition has to be Circular, Members of the European Parliament agree

Press release: A fair transition must be circular, and the members of the European Parliament agree with

For immediate release: Brussels, September 16, 2020

Yesterday’s vote in the European Parliament clearly indicated that circular economy is a prerequisite for Europe to achieve a just energy transition-this is a positive step to combine climate solutions with zero-waste solutions, and points to a stronger circularity in the future.

Yesterday’s vote in the European Parliament (1) By strengthening the wording of Article 4(2), it narrowly avoided incineration and waste-to-energy as a solution under the Fair Transition Fund. On the contrary, we are very happy to see support for "investments to strengthen the circular economy through waste prevention, reduction, resource efficiency, reuse, repair and recovery."

This result puts a just transition together with a circular economy, and shows the need for a zero-waste solution, prioritizing waste prevention and effective resource management, rather than incineration and waste-to-energy. We think this is a clear message to support the phasing out of incineration and waste-to-energy in order to achieve a fair transition goal.

Janek Vahk, Coordinator of the Zero Waste European Climate, Energy and Air Pollution Initiative, said: “We welcome this decision because it sends a strong message to member states that continued investment in waste-to-energy projects is not in line with the circular economy and therefore Is a just transition"

Tripartite negotiations on a fair transition fund between the government, the European Parliament and the European Commission are expected to begin in October. Although there is still room for improvement in a fair transition as a whole, we are pleased with this step in the right direction to build a recycling economy in resource use and guide the transition to a zero-waste, zero-carbon future.


Results of the vote of the European Parliament


Zero Waste Master Plan

Media Contact:

Eilidh Robb, European Zero Waste Communications Officer +32 (0) 273 620 91

Janek Vahk, European Zero Waste Climate, Energy and Air Pollution Coordinator | +32 (0) 49 355 3779

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