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PRESS RELEASE: Valencia's commitment to introduce a container deposit scheme, a step forward for Circular Economy in Europe

Press release: Valencia pledges to introduce a container deposit scheme, which is a step forward for the European circular economy

For immediate release: Brussels, November 30, 2016

At a well-attended conference held in Valencia on November 29, the Valencia (Eastern Spain) regional government promised to advance a legal project that would sell beverage containers on deposits throughout the region. Through this law, the government’s goal is to reduce waste while significantly increasing the recycling rate of bottles, cans and cartons, which are currently stagnating below 30%.

The Valencia region with 5 million inhabitants was the first region in Spain to move in this direction, following the successful examples of Germany and Norway, and most recently Estonia and Lithuania. The government expects to start selling beverage containers with deposits from January 2018 after approval by the parliament. Other Spanish regions such as Balearic, Catalonia and Navarre also expressed interest in following suit.

Zero Waste Europe congratulates the Valencian government on its commitment to building a circular economy and reducing land and marine debris.

Joan Marc Simon, Executive Director of Zero Waste Europe, said: “The deposit system has proven to be the most effective tool for implementing extended responsibility for beverage producers. Recycle and reduce waste."

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