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Read international

Provide books to hundreds of schools and libraries...

READ International started after the "gap year" teaching for students in Tanzania, and he was shocked by the lack of available educational resources for students and teachers there.

By providing books to hundreds of schools and libraries, they hope to see the school’s academic performance improve and access to high-quality educational resources; they hope that children’s literacy rate will soar; they hope that thousands of people will benefit from it.

Their success in Tanzania led to their expansion in Uganda-all Welsh and Scottish projects will provide books to Uganda, while the English project will maintain contact with Tanzania.

Currently, they are cooperating with the waste disposal company Veolia and the ethical bookseller "Better World Books" to have 35 book donation boxes in 7 boroughs of London.

Our bookboxes are located in Westminster, Lambeth, Kingston, Tower Hamlet, Harlingee, Southwark and Richmond.

Find the bookcase closest to you.

Trash cans can also be found at Cambridge University

Old-fashioned house,

37 Albert Dike,




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