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Study shows climate benefits from separate collection of organics

Research has shown that collecting organic matter alone is good for the climate.

According to a study conducted by the zero-waste European member Amigos de la Tierra Spain in its latest report "Separate Collection: The Road to Composting", separate collection of organic matter is a key strategy to reduce climate change emissions.

The study analyzed and evaluated waste management systems in 5 different Spanish cities with different organic collection systems. The results showed that door-to-door and community composting models involving more citizen participation resulted in the most inappropriate material content and lower Economic costs, so these are the most effective.

For example, the classification of different models for the separate collection of organic matter based on the final quality of the compost is a key factor that needs to be considered. The best collection system can get the best compost, depending on the degree of contamination of the residual waste (plastic, metal or any non-organic matter). The analysis also considers the number of tons processed by each model, the level of pollution in the organic waste stream, citizen participation, costs, and the reduction in gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Top 5 organic collectible models

The analyzed models include the fifth container in Barcelona, ​​the door-to-door collection in Esporles (Majorca), the wet and dry system in Barbanza (Galicia), the community compost in Hernani (Guipúzcoa), and the fifth in Pan A container with keys in Plona and a failed pilot project in Rioja.

The study also emphasized that in order to achieve the goal set by the European Union-the recycling rate of 50% by 2020, the separate collection of organic waste is absolutely necessary. More and more regions and cities, such as the Foral community in Navarre or the city of Madrid and Valencia, have realized the need to implement separate organic collections, and are gradually reaping the benefits of producing high-quality compost while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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