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 Reuse Upcycle Compost Dispose

Reuse Upcycle Compost Dispose


Recycled composting treatment

Composting-Items that can be composted should be able to decompose into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a speed similar to paper. They should leave no toxic residues, and within 90 days they should have decomposed to the point where the original product can no longer be distinguished. The items on this page can be composted in a home composter (if available) or sent to industrial composting at a municipal waste collection center.

Something you can compost

Garden rubbish

The city hall may collect garden waste and take it to a centralized composting yard, where it is made into soil amendments.


Cellophane is one of the oldest transparent packaging materials used to package food. Unlike man-made plastic polymers mainly derived from petroleum, cellophane is a natural polymer made of cellulose, which is a kind of plants and trees. Element.

Barbecue ash

Charcoal ash contains potassium fertilizer, which is an important nutrient for some plants, and it is a good way to increase soil pH.

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