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Revolutionary: Zlarin becomes the first Croatian plastic-free island!

Revolutionary: Zlarin becomes the first plastic-free island in Croatia!

Driven by the European Directive on Single-use Plastics, a group of local activists from Zlarin, Croatia decided to turn Zlarin into a plastic-free island.

They won a competition for the best innovative solution that helps prevent further plastic pollution in the Adriatic Sea. A few months later, when all shops, restaurants, non-governmental organizations and local authorities signed a declaration to replace all single-use plastics with more environmentally friendly solutions, this vision began to become a reality.

The Croatian Zero Waste Network collects and supports Croatia’s best practices. Congratulations to Zlarin Island and all entities that participated in this major and important success.

As a member of the international movement to get rid of plastic, we congratulate Zlarin! We have been working hard to formulate strong European legislation to combat plastic pollution, and soon we have achieved concrete results in Croatia. Zlarin is the first one, and hope that many other islands and municipalities will follow suit!

Said Marko Košak, coordinator of the Croatian Zero Waste Network and member of the Global Free Plastic Movement and the European Zero Waste Movement.

Our goal is not to simply replace all disposable plastic items with other disposable items made of more environmentally friendly materials. Our goal is to start using reusable items again-shopping with canvas bags, glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, tap water instead of bottled water during the event, etc. Plastic cups and tableware will be replaced by more sustainable solutions, and straws will be used completely in stages

Ana Elizabeta Robb from Zlarin said that he was one of the initiators of this successful project.

After this critical step, Zlarin will not stop.

We have already met with local activists and started to plan the next steps to improve the quality of life on the island. The Croatian Ministry of Environment has not done much to prevent plastic pollution, so we apply pressure from the bottom up. With our zero waste city and plastic-free islands like Zlarin, we are on the right track to transform our society and environment into a better place to live

Summary Marko Košak.


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