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Rubicon Employees are Seizing Every Opportunity (SEO)

Rubicon employees are seizing every opportunity (SEO)

Sometimes, all we need in life is to seize opportunities when they come.

At Rubicon, we are a staunch supporter of an organization called "Seize Every Opportunity" (formerly "Sponsor of Educational Opportunity"), which was founded in 1963 by investment bank consultant Michael Osheowitz to help students enter Competitive colleges and universities.

For more than 50 years, Seize Every Opportunity (SEO) has been an innovator in education, mentoring, and active peer pressure, turning untapped potential into newly discovered greatness. In 2014, Henry Kravis, co-founder of global investment company Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. and Rubicon investor, was appointed as SEO chairman. Rubicon® board member and Uber founding CTO Oscar Salazar is an ardent supporter of the organization.

From SEO scholar to Rubicon employee

SEO has more than 14,000 alumni in 46 states and 48 countries, including Rubicon employee Ryan McKenzie. With a long-term passion for sustainable development, Ryan received an internship at Rubicon's Atlanta headquarters in the summer of 2016 with the help of SEO.

"I first discovered SEO in the lobby of Howard University Business School," we said when we sat down and talked to Ryan recently. "I have never heard of them before, but we had a pleasant conversation and I was immediately attracted by this show. Their passion for helping minority students succeed inspired me."

As Howard's accounting major, McKenzie quickly turned this internship into a full-time position on the Rubicon data integrity team, and he told us that this is largely due to the skills he learned as an SEO scholar.

"In the SEO career internship program, you will be matched with an internship, and then you will undergo a two-week rigorous training course, depending on whether your internship is based on finance, technology or corporate and commercial services," said Ryan. "During the course, I learned everything from financial modeling to company valuation, to advanced Excel shortcuts, public speaking skills and advice on how to better prepare for interviews."

Rubicon welcomes SEO intern

Rubicon has many SEO scholars serving as interns at the company's Atlanta headquarters, and many of them continue to work in finance, law, and other industries of their choice.

Nate Morris, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Rubicon, said: "The SEO Career and SEO Scholars programs have done a great job and we are proud to support everything they do, including enthusiastically recruiting talented interns such as Ryan to our company. "I am personally honored to work with these outstanding people and learn from them."

When asked about his current involvement in SEO, Ryan told us:

"I personally still donate to the program, and I have let SEO know that whenever there are new SEO alumni in Atlanta, I am always happy to do alumni tutoring. After SEO has given me everything, I think in any possible way It is important to pay this fee."

If you want to learn how to apply to become an SEO scholar, SEO professional intern, or if you are interested in donating to the cause, please check the Seize Every Opportunity (SEO) website.

Elizabeth Montoya is Rubicon's Vice President of Investor Relations. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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