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Rubicon Profiled on the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast

Rubicon on Morgan Stanley Creative Podcast

My boss, Rubicon David Rachelson's Vice President of Sustainability, recently appeared on the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast, which brings audience stories about the world of business, finance, technology and more.

In this episode, David sat down with Ashley Milne-Tyte, host of the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast, to discuss how plastic producers, consumers, transporters, and cities can solve some of the inefficiencies caused by current recycling models. As Milne-Tyte pointed out in this episode, “Through recycling education, consultation and communication, Rubicon has set an example for the bright future of plastics.”

This is a trailer for the episode, which can now be downloaded and listened to on the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast website, or when you receive the podcast:

"The ultimate goal of Rubicon [is] to help every player make money or save money through recycling. [Rubicon] connects plastic manufacturers with companies that buy plastic products, and recycling trucks will transport their plastic to the most cost-effective Facilities. [Rubicon] knows that recycling is not a one-size-fits-all solution. When manufacturers approach Rubicon, recycling solutions may start by redesigning their products," Milne-Tyte said in the episode.

"For cities, the [the] Rubicon app can help recycling trucks plan efficient pickup routes with fewer stops. For small businesses that only produce one or two small bags of recyclables per day, recycling is more than just a sum. Small expense," Milne-Tyte continued. "But Rubicon believes that if you can take one or two bags from many small businesses and put them together as one transportation, the small business might be able to move these bags from the landfill at a reasonable cost."

David Rachelson said in a recent sit-in interview: “For us, it is important for us to promote the circular economy as much as possible and advocate the widespread adoption of circular practices.” “The topic is through Morgan Stanley’s Ideas. I’m encouraged by the increasing popularity of platforms such as Podcasts, and I have had the honor to participate recently. This proves that people outside of the traditional waste and recycling industries are interested in this topic, and we have to say something about it at Rubicon. Interest in topics increases, and we will continue to work with the public and private sectors to promote a more circular economy."

If you have questions about the circular economy and how your business can move towards a more sustainable waste treatment and recycling model, please feel free to contact me at

Nick McCulloch is Rubicon's senior sustainability manager. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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