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Rubicon Hauls in International Honors: The 2017 Circular Economy Awards

Rubicon received international honors: 2017 Circular Economy Award

Earlier this month, the Circular Economy Task Force of Young Global Leaders announced the finalists for the Circular Economy Award program. The award is also known as the "Announcement" and aims to recognize the success of leaders and companies that pave the way for a circular economy through innovative solutions. I am honored to say that Rubicon represents two of the seven award categories.

So, what exactly is a circular economy? It starts with learning to look at waste in a new way. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation tells us that, unlike the current linear “make, acquire, waste” model, there is almost no waste in the circular economy. Products and materials function as long as possible in the system.

Rubicon, under the leadership of our Chairman, CEO and Circulars Circular Economy Leadership Finalist Nate Morris, enables companies to move waste from landfills and promote a more circular economy. We are disrupting the $1 trillion global waste and recycling industry, which is currently profiting from frequent landfills through a business model that encourages material reuse and recycling.

Since The Circulars launched two years ago, the program has attracted more than 400 participants from 36 countries. We are honored to stand out among the many innovators who have helped the world make better use of our limited resources. Rubicon was selected as a finalist in the following categories:

Circular Economy Leadership Wealth Award: Rubicon founder, chairman and CEO Nate Morris Ecolab Circular Economy Award Digital Disruptor: Rubicon

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. Being recognized on this world stage is an honor and a testament to the hard-working team who is tirelessly committed to Rubicon's mission, which is to eradicate landfills and create a new circular economy.

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