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Rubicon’s “Trick or Trash” Recycling Campaign Reaches Over 730 Schools and Small Businesses in All 50 States

Rubicon’s “Trick or Treat” recycling campaign covers more than 730 schools and small businesses in all 50 states

Trick or rubbish? This question was asked nationwide throughout October, as more than 730 schools and small businesses in all 50 states of the United States participated in Rubicon’s second annual Trick or Trash™ Halloween recycling event.

The "Trick or Treat" program aims to help reduce the amount of waste that accumulates around Halloween by providing schools and small businesses with safe and easy-to-assemble recycling bins that can be filled with discarded candy wrappers and other snack packaging. This plastic is thin, cheap, and difficult to recycle. The vast majority end up in landfills, usually our waterways and oceans. But by using these boxes, trick-or-treating participants only need to store their wrapping paper and return the boxes to our professional recyclers, making Halloween sweeter and more sustainable!

After the success of the first "Trick or Treat" campaign last year, we have achieved success in more than 470 schools in 49 states and transferred approximately 4,000 pounds of wrapping paper and packaging materials from landfills. This year we Hope to expand the scale and expand the coverage of the campaign and its impact in 2020.


Rubicon’s "Trick or Treat" 2020 campaign not only covered more people than last year, but also found ways for more than 730 schools and small businesses in all 50 states in the United States-this time we found you, Wyoming ! - It has also improved the amount of candy wrappers and other packaging materials transferred from landfills and oceans, from 4,000 pounds of packaging materials and packaging materials in 2019 to an estimated 7,000 pounds this year.

Of course, achieving these excellent results can sometimes be challenging. The COVID-19 public health emergency means that many schools across the country are operating remotely, which is why we have expanded the program to include small businesses and other community centers that remain open and accessible, so as to be able to host a trick or treat Halloween Candy packaging recycling bins. It is really encouraging to see all kinds of companies join! From dentist offices to grocery stores, from scouts to sustainability clubs, community businesses large and small have shown their passion for reducing waste and encouraging more recycling in the community.

Educational elements

Trick or treat saves thousands of pounds of Halloween candy wrappers from landfills, ensuring that these plastics are recycled and turned into new, useful items, such as park benches or toy sets. This direct impact is very important, but the long-term recycling awareness and excitement generated by the program is also very important. This is why we created educational materials to bring the importance of recycling and waste transfer to life, while introducing the concept of "circular economy", which is an important evolution of today's mainstream "recycling-manufacturing-waste" production model.

Lesson plans, fact sheets, and even lunch box reminders can be downloaded from the Trick or Trash website. These materials are designed for face-to-face learning and distance learning in recognition of the limited enrollment in certain areas of the country due to COVID-19. This year, we cooperated with the National Wildlife Federation to expand the scope and impact of educational materials:

"Educating and motivating the next generation of environmental and wildlife champions is at the core of our work and mission at the National Wildlife Federation. We are proud to work with Rubicon on the Trick or Trash™ campaign to show millions of Americans how to pass Small steps such as waste reduction and recycling can help restore wildlife populations and restore natural resources," said Collin O'Mara, president and chief executive officer of the National Wildlife Federation. "By bringing together students, teachers and business owners to reduce waste that pollutes our land and waters, we will ensure that people have healthier communities and protect habitats for endangered wildlife."

Thank you to everyone who participated in Trick or Treat 2020. In a year full of unique challenges, especially for educators and small business owners, you have all come forward to do the right thing for the community.

Rubicon's mission is to eliminate all forms of waste. We hope that the schools and small businesses that participated in the "Trick or Treat" event this year at least to some extent instilled a recycling habit in the entire community, which will go far beyond this year’s Halloween celebrations.

Stay tuned for more trick or treat in 2021!

Katie Kinnear is Rubicon’s senior social media and engagement manager, and was the inspiration for creating trick-or-treating activities. To stay ahead of the new global partnerships and cooperation announced by Rubicon, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us immediately.

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