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Rubicon’s Mission To End Waste, Built On The Efforts Of Employees

Rubicon's mission to eliminate waste is based on the efforts of its employees

Rubicon’s mission is to eliminate waste. Together with the company’s employees across the United States, we continue to differentiate ourselves from the outdated landfill model by using technology to integrate waste and recycling smart choices.

From RUBICONSmartCity to RUBICONMethod, it is through the efforts of Rubicon's amazing employees that we have promoted our success for large retail and commercial customers, our transporter community, small and medium enterprises and local governments.

As a certified B company, Rubicon is committed to serving the greater good-this model is well represented by the amazing veterans who have come to Rubicon in the past and now, who are living for the greater The benefit of the service model.

So on this Veterans Day weekend, we interviewed some Rubicon employees who have served in various branches of the US military, asking them about their services, their work at Rubicon, and their love of being part of a waste of a company whose mission is to end its mission.

Amy Hamilton has served as an air traffic controller in the US Marine Corps for four years and has served as Director of Commercial Channels at Rubicon for more than six years. In Amy's position, she was responsible for overseeing the operations and financial status of one of Rubicon's largest customers in the retail sector.

"My days at Rubicon are full of excitement because our customers face huge challenges in the waste and recycling areas, and I help them solve their problems every day," Amy said. "I am helping customers extract data points and information to help them make informed decisions around future baler requirements and sustainability work. I am very proud of my military service and helping our country, and now this wonderful It feels to continue a career that is directly related to helping the planet."

Felisa Stewart served in the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years and earned the rank of sergeant, and worked full-time at Rubicon for more than five years as a recycling logistics specialist.

“I help manage more than 20 suppliers and more than 2,500 locations in the United States, so the daily challenges I face in helping customers achieve zero waste are both demanding and rewarding,” Felisa said. "I joined the army because I am extremely proud and honored to support our country, and now I have the same pride and support our planet through a career that is directly related to recycling and sustainable development."

Rubicon is proud of all its employees who have helped the company grow. We thank all the men and women who have served and continued to serve in the various departments of the US military for serving the greater good.

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