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Simona Bonafè drives Europe to a circular economy

Simona Bonafè promotes Europe towards a circular economy

For immediate release: Brussels, March 14, 2017

The future of Europe without waste is now closer to reality. After today, the European Parliament approved the Bonafè report. In a clear signal to the committee and the council, the European Parliament confirmed the greater ambitions of the Environmental Committee in four legislative proposals on waste. Now, before it becomes law, a common text needs to be agreed with the Security Council.

Simona Bonafè, the Italian Ministry of Environmental Protection, has successfully raised the ambition of the committee’s proposal, setting a 70% recycling target for all waste (5% ready for reuse), 80% of packaging waste and separate collection through truly mandatory It extends to biological waste, textiles and waste oil. In addition, the text outlines the use of economic tools, such as pay-as-you-use schemes and taxes or levies on landfill and incineration.

Ferran Rosa, European Zero Waste Policy Officer, said: “Europe’s zero waste cities have successfully implemented the measures approved today. If the decisions of the European Parliament become law, they will become mainstream.”

The text adopted by the European Parliament today includes a proposal to close the loop, calling for a broader review of the eco-design directive, and emphasizing the extended producer responsibility program guided by eco-design to bring sustainable products.

In addition, the report calls on the committee to propose new legislative proposals, such as the per capita kilogram waste prevention target within the EU, as well as new legislation and targets for construction, commercial and industrial waste. The role of prevention has also improved, achieving the three ideal goals (reducing food waste by 50%, reducing marine litter by 30%, and decoupling waste generation from economic growth), but it is still far from becoming a priority.

Rosa from Zero Waste Europe added: “Parliament raises the risk of circular economy. Now is the time for member states to achieve this goal.” In this sense, Vice President Timmermans delivered a speech in Parliament this morning. Shi acknowledged the importance of prevention and stated that he would do his best to make the final text the closest to the parliamentary text.

Zero Waste Europe congratulates the European Parliament and the team of rapporteurs, and calls on the Council to accept these proposals. Finish

Contact: Ferran Rosa, Waste Policy Officer +32 470 838 105

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