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Successful ZWE congress in Donostia!

Successfully held the ZWE Conference in Donostia!

Last weekend, the European Zero Waste Conference was held in Gipuzkoa. Representatives from all over Europe and guests from the United States and India gathered to exchange best practices and determine the next steps of the European Zero Waste Movement.

The participation and media coverage of the event was a success; 30 international representatives from all over Europe, more than 30 mayors including the mayor of San Sebastian, including the first member of the Gipuzkoa Province and The highest authority in the region, including environmental councillors, as well as many local zero-waste activists and citizens. All in all, in the 3-day event, more than 300 people assisted the ZWE conference!

During the event, participants visited the successful experiences of Usurbil and Hernani, and led independent collection cities on the peninsula recognized on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Environment.

The city of San Sebastian held a public meeting in the city hall to welcome zero-waste guests. The meeting was full for nearly 3 hours, listening to Professor Paul Connet’s speech.

The whole day is spent on lectures, debates and seminars discussing how to implement zero waste policies, how to evaluate these policies, and how to bring people together to build a waste-free world.

At this meeting, Italy, Catalonia, and Basque Zero Waste Network gave speeches, but many new groups expressed interest in starting to establish a zero waste network in their countries.

The Zero Waste Europe Network is committed to continuing to unite municipalities around the goal of zero waste, promote the certification of European zero waste companies, and inspire young people to join the movement to free them from waste in the future.

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