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Plastic Bag Free Day 2016 Round-up

Summary of the 2016 No Plastic Bag Day

The 7th Annual No Plastic Bag Day in 2016 was held on July 3, and hundreds of events were carried out around the world.

Dozens of organizations and hundreds of citizens participated in activities and awareness-raising activities that emphasized the environmental impact and hazards of disposable plastic bags.

The alliance including Fundació Prevenció de Residus, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Zero Waste Europe and other organizations issued a joint statement calling on European member states to take the last step to ban the use of plastic bags and replace single-use options with more plastic bags for sustainable and sustainable Reusable substitutes.

In Slovenia, an activist from Ekologi brez meja (ecologists without borders) dressed in plastic bags, dressed up as a scary monster "bagfoot", which is "a living reminder of the countless bags we use every year", and then this monster Start with citizens of Ljubljana.

This action is very similar to the 8-foot plastic monster announced by Jamaica's National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).

In Nepal, government ministers took this opportunity to announce the resumption of the ban on plastic bags in the country. They cited weak monitoring of the failure of the previous ban as saying that "this time there will be appropriate regulations."

In Cape Town, South Africa, the Two Oceans Aquarium replaced single-use plastic bags with reusable and sustainable shopping bags, providing a possible alternative for shoppers who want to avoid plastic bags. The action also emphasized plastic The impact of shopping bags on marine waste has caused major problems for marine life.

France saw that the ban on disposable plastic bags passed by them came into effect only two days before the plastic bag free day. This marks an important milestone in the movement to eliminate these destructive items in daily life.

In Kerala, Indian students provide environmentally friendly cloth bags to state legislators with the ultimate goal of reducing plastic waste and providing "smart alternatives to plastic necessities."

In New Delhi, Chintan organized an awareness-raising campaign to investigate the plastics used by residents and find possible alternatives and solutions to the problem of plastic waste.

In Dhaka, the Environmental and Social Development Organization (ESDO) issued an electronic poster to raise awareness of the movement.

These actions represent only a small part of the total activities calling for a ban on the use of the bag around the world. Many organizations and activists have made considerable progress in the past year. However, with recent revelations about the impact of marine plastics on wildlife and human health, the issue of plastic waste seems to have become more urgent. The success of the Plastic Bag Free Day is essential to raise awareness of this issue and promote an effective ban on non-compostable bags!

These actions represent only a small part of the total activities calling for a ban on the use of the bag around the world.

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